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Hiring Local Home Tutor who can tutor your son or daughter in Danbury CT is Easy

       A student hops from one subject to another in a day. Typically, students take up at about 8 subjects in the entire day. An hour would most likely be spent for one subject. As the time passes, they will no longer be interested to listen to those subjects which are near the end. This is most likely the reason why students fail such subjects. Since they can no longer focus on the class, this may contribute to a failing grade. As parents, you should anticipate that this might happen to your children. However, there is a solution to avoid failing. The best way is to hire someone who can help your child with their academic needs like a tutor in Danbury CT.

Hiring a tutor in Danbury may be an additional expense on your monthly budget but we tell you that every penny will be worth something. The services given by these tutors are not like any other services that you can find in the city. Tutor in Danbury CT are experts when it comes to teaching students.

What else can these tutors offer you? Highly dedicated tutors in Danbury are very willing to extend help to those who need them. They are experts in varied levels such as elementary tutoring, middle school tutoring, high school tutoring and even college tutoring. No matter what age and level you are, our tutors can still support you with your studies. They are not just like your ordinary teachers and professors. The tutors are flexible when it comes to doing private tutoring. Tutors in Danbury do not focus on pure lecture but they also have additional means to maintain your focus throughout the entire session. They can even do the best homework help and construct study guides that can fully enhance your understanding on the subject matter.


Private Home Tutoring Services Matchmaking Agency helps Fairfield County parents and Danbury CT residets get matched with professional subject matter experts

A tutor in Danbury CT is what you need in order to keep you away from failing. It is because these tutors are not made to fail you, but they are made to keep you on top. Even college students and professionals may still need the help of our tutors. In order for them to pass the Praxis 1Praxis 2GRE TutorGMAT Tutor and the SAT examinations, they may hire tutors in Danbury. How great is that? The moment you pick up your phone and ask them to be your private tutors, your grades will be in good hands. Working with the best tutors in the city guarantees you success in your academic dreams and desires.

By the time you hire a tutor, your worries of failing will all be washed away. All you have to do is dial the numbers located at the upper right corner of your screen or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Hire the best tutor now!  To search for a tutos and study guides  browse this page or any subject pages, or simply call us to help you find you the right tutor for your needs.  We also offer our match making tutoring services for Westchester and Fairfield County areas.


Pricing and Location of home tutoring services in Danbury CT area


         Our professional tutoring takes place at student's home, public library or starbucks, or alterantively for students on the budget online.  Instructor's pricing is based on hourly rate and strictly depends on qualification and educational experience of a tutor.  Some of our academic tutors are certified teachers and some are subject matter experts.  Our subject matter experts and teachers offer discount packages where the more hours you buy the more money you save, helping students and their parents save money on educational expenses.  To view our individual tutor pricing review subject on interest in the right hand side of this web page and click on it to see subject details.

          We cover nearby cities and can help middle school, high school, and elementary grade level students from Danbury, Bethel, Redding, Norwalk, Westport,  Weston, or Wilton with their homework and prepare students for their mid-terms or finals. Also some of our tutors offer first 1 hour free trial tutoring session, where you do not have to pay unless you are satisfied with your first hour.  Giving opportunity for student parents to try tutor before committing to entire package cost.  Be sure to review packages of our instructors carefully since each tutor can declare their own package price.


Computer Training and IT Networking Help for Danbury, Bethel, Redding CT  residents


         Attention residents of Danbury, Redding, Bethel, CT Tutoring Services, LLC helps students who are trying to become computer networking IT experts obtain internships, help students with resume, job placement and provides students with IT Computer Training.  Regardless what student's interests are, if student is trying to become Cisco Certified Network Expert or simply trying to get some hands on learning experience, or needs help in computer programming or IT Networking, then our company can help.  We have reliable subject matter experts who can train students in Danbury CT in Ethical Hacking, Network Enginering, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and anything related to IT Network Infrastructure.  

           Our CT and NY Based Computer Program is designed for students who are serious about becoming IT Directors in the future or interested in getting technical level job, but need a boost in their study practices and method of preparation that will earn them competitive edge. If you are intersted in IT Training or if you are Adult who needs computer help, or get their house interconnected wirelessly or learn from a subject matter expert how to use Excel, Word or any other computer program then we have the right expert at your footsteps who can train you directly in your home.  To view more info about our Fairfield County CT computer training or if your a company iand need Danbury network consulting services visit here.  We help companies around NY and CT area with their computer problems.  We can help students prepare for Computer Programming subjects, CCNA, CCNP and other subjects.  We also service nearby cities such as Stamford, Darien, Westport, Norwalk, Fairfield, Danbury, Bethel, Redding and other areas with computer subjects tutoring. Our IT experts can come directly to student's home and help students learn Microsoft Office or other computer subjects or prepare for college class.  We are the only Tutoring and IT Consulting company that can help

Basic Computer Training for Adults in Connecticut Danbury, Redding, Bethel and other areas

         Looking to improve your computer skills?  Trying to learn that Power Point, Microsoft Word, and Excel? Applying for work?  Is your employer asking you to learn these computer skills?  Trying to improve your job marketabiilty, but simply can't understand how to use Internet or how to prepare presenations?  Our computer trainers can help you directly in your home with preparation for computer subject.  We realize that computer literacy is the key in the digital age, which is why we decided to tailor our services not only towards academic student needs but towards adults and seniors who simply need computer help and can't seem to get that level of help from anywhere. Our computer instructors offer tutoring services direcly in students home in Danbury CT, Bethel, Redding, and even if you do not have Microsoft Word installed, our trainers have laptops that they can bring with them to learning session and show adults how to use computers. 

        Our computer trainers can help adult students with creation of resume, learning computer basics, creating power point presentations, learning how to use Excel desktop publishing app and simply learn how to master computer concepts quickly and efficiently with the help of our trainers who can come directly to student's homes.   21st century doesn't have to be difficult to overcome let our trainers and instructors help.  Contact us by the phone number on top right corner to reserve your 1st computer training lesson today!  Discount pricing packages are available!  Note Microsoft Word is not the only computer basic skill set that our subject matter experts can provide.


The question we get asked most common is: Where are you located?

       Our response is we are located remote, but our tutors are local and can be either located locally close by in the very same city or near the city or online.  Hence we find such question irrelevant in many cases, since tutors who work with us can come directly to student's home.  We also find this question irrelevant because, if parent is looking for someone directly in the city, and happen to live in a very small city, and have unique match request,  we may not end up having tutor in such city, but that does not mean we can not find one.  This is what we created for to be able to provide high quality service, hence if there is someone that parent is looking for in Westchester, or Fairfield or New Haven county, then we can help them find it based on the budget or the cost and if we can not find one we can provide alternative suggestion. 

Most parents do not realize that and end up hanging up the phone, when that happens thinking that we are just another one of thes sites.  When such cases happen, we are happy that we avoided such customer in a first place, because when working with Tutoring Services, LLC Agency we are all about quality, respect and making sure that customers who do realize advantage of working with us are being taken care of. 

       Customers who look for unrealistic expectations, and expect tutors to be directly in the city for very narrow subject, and do not want help in helping them find a tutor within their price range and think there are million of tutors like that, then we invite such customers to take a good look at their options first, and when they run of such options and realize that they are very limited, they come back to us, except due to the fact that provides high quality match making services we have often Parents on the Waiting List, hence do not be surprised that if you have a narrow subject in a small city and attempting to find a tutor, that it may take longer to find one.


Wow what? Tutoring Services and Breakdancing for Students/Residents Kids and Adults, near Danbury CT area?


       In addition to reliable academic test prep we provide, sports program such as teaching children breakdancing in home settings, and providing kids with intuitive easy to learn math exercises, drills, worksheets, tutorials and homework help, specifically designed to tailor educational development of a child or teenager or adult to the highest level of learning possible while simulatenously having fun learning how to breakdance.  So where are we located?  We are located in Stamford CT, however our services have no boundaries for Fairfield and Westchester county students, and our subject matter tutors can provide reliable services not just in Stamford CT, but in many other regions of Connecticut and New York as well as online.   In regards to breakdancing we have instructors who can travel directly to student's home and teach them breakdancing or provide workshops.

       Our team of breakdancing instructors in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY is available and ready to come out directly to your house in Danbur CT, and teach your children breakdancing.  View our videos and profiles to see what we can offer.  Tutoring Services, LLC believes in learning process not only by learning, but by combinining learning with activities that are fun and intuitive and extremely awesome! However if you simply looking for breakdancing lessons and no math, then we can do that. Contact us and let us know whether or not you just want breakdancing lessons or Math + Breakdancing. View our CT Breakdancing Instructors here.   Note our instructors can also service nearby areas of New Haven, Bethel, Redding, Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Purchase, Port Chester, Scarsdale, New Canaan, Rye as well as any other cities in Westchester County NY and even offer breakdancing lessons in Fairfield County CT.

Example from one of our tutor's discount packages and prices for Breakdancing Lessons in Danbury CT can be found here



We also service Westchester County NY


We also Service Fairifled County CT


Our Tutoring is tailtored for Variety of Subjects ranging from Computer subjects, Math, SATs, English, Science, Toefl


          From Math to Science, to English to TOEFL, SATs, GRE, GMAT, to even breakdancing and computer networking subjects is what we offer. Don't trust other companies who say they can do it all, the truth is no one can, however trust someone who developed a system to recruit talented subject matter experts, review them and offer these experts to parents of Fairfield County CT.  Even if you do not see a tutor in the subject you are looking for don't hesitate to contact us, we have created multiple tutoring website portals to help us recruit proper candidates even if we don't have candidate you are looking for on our site.

Our Instructors provide Individualized Attention for k-12 Students ands Adults


        Academic Tutoring is tailored towards your child's needs.  Our private home tutors in Fairfield County area provides your child with the best academic test prep and tutoring services, directly at your house.  No need to go to someones learning center and waist time traveling.Individualized attention is the way to go when preparing for academic subject, in comparison to any other methods such as sendingy your kids to learning center, since it allows tutor to provide instructions solely focused around student's needs.


Reliability of our Tutoring Services can not be matched to any other edu company in Danbury CT


       Our tutoring services are reliable, some of our tutors offer first hour risk free tutoring session trial, if parent does not like it they don't have to buy it.  Our company's name is Tutoring Services, LLC our official site is  We have official name and not some .org or dashed domain name tutoring site. Parents can call the number on top right corner to help us provide high quality match making services.



Meet Your Home Tutor face to face before they show up at your home in Danbury CT!

       Instructors who we help parents and students of Westchester County NY get matched with can meet parents face to face before they show up at your home in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, Wilton, Westport, Ridgefield CT, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County.  Meet your tutor for first 15 mins free over whiteboard before tutor shows up at your door footsteps, optional feature.  Note prices are approximiate in tutor's profile, simply because sometimes price may work for one student but not for another, and hence we give flexibility for tutors to adjust their price during pre-screen interview depending on which student they are working with. For more about how pre-screening works visit this link.



Tutoring Services, LLC helps students learn not only by tutoring them at home, but with the help of supplementary study guides!

          Clearly getting tutored on your own may not cut it if affordability is an issue, since tutoring is not the only method of learning especially when preparing for a rigorous SAT/ACT/Toefl exam.  Which is why we have compiled collection of valuable academic study guides for major academic subjects to help students prepare not only with the help of the tutor, but with the additional supplementary study gudies for subjects such as Math, Science and Social Science, as well as other major subjects. 

      If you are resident in Danbury CT, Redding, Bethel and other locations in CT on a budget or simply need additional method of learning for your kids, then don't wait any longer visit our study guides and see if perhaps tutoring may not even be needed in a first place and perhaps you or your son or daughter can study on your own for fraction of the tutoring cost.  Although, we highly recommend doing both, studying from our study guides and getting local subject matter expert, since using this approach will provide highest level of learning effectiviness.




Math Tutoring locally in Danbury CT or online!

Looking for online or local math tutoring help?  Check our our math tutoring page for more info, we have variety types of math tutoring services, ranging from local tutors who can come to your home in Danbury CT t teach your son or daughter mathematics at k-12 grade level.  Our math tutors can teach algebra and other subjects.


Topics our Private Mathematics Algebra Instructors can help students with



Absolute Value Canceling Units Polynomials Slope of a straight line
Fractions Engineering Notation Ratio & Proportion Variables
Place Value Exponents Simple Factoring Descartes' Rule of Signs
Metric Conversions Graphing Solving Linear Equations Factor Theorem
Solving Polynomials Binomial Theorem Composition of Functions Complex Numbers
Inequalities: Absolute Value Inequalities: Quadratic Linear Programming Sequences and Series




Best College Reading and Writing Essay Admission Services in Fairfield and Westchester County NY

Our experts in Fairfield County CT can help students with college essay writing help.  We have instructors who are english teachers, or subject matter experts that can help students with college admission process. 


We also have essay writing experts in Stamford, Fairfield, New Haven, Danbury CT, Redding, Bethel and other locations.


Science Chemistry, Biology and Physics Private Lessons


    Need science help school attending Danbury Private school or want to get ahead of other school students in math, English and Science Academic subjects or prepare for standardized high school entrance test or college? We got you covered! Our private home tutors in New York and CT can come directly to your home and help you with your academic subject.

      Our instructors specialize in elementary reading and writing, middle school science, high school math and even College organic and inorganic Chemistry. We have math, chemistry, physics and biology subject matter experts who are capable of helping you or your child get ahead in school and tackle difficult math questions and science problems and not be afraid of complex mathematics questions, scientific formulas or complex concepts. Get the best help you need whenever you need by contacting us and helping you or your son/daughter do better in school.  Our instuctors can help students in chemistry, biology and physics in any of the following locations, Danbury, Bethel, New Haven, Redding, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Port Chester, Purchase.


Certification CPA Test Prep Help & Local CT tutors in Fairfield County



         If you are studying for your CPA exam and residing in Fairfield County CT, then you are in luck because Tutoring Services, LLC can help you get matched with the local subject matter expert specifically specializing in CPA accounting subject, someone who can tutor you locally in Fairfield county CT.  Additionalyl if you can not afford a local tutor we have listed CPA video, courses, exam information, exam changes, study tipes, score improvement tactics and practice questions, methods to save money for both tutors and students.  For maximum effectiviness we recommend preparing for this exam using both tutor + study guides.   Our instructors can tutor in Danbury, Westchester County, Ridgefield, Redding and other areas of CT.  Check out our CPA Fairfield county local tutors and Accounting study resources here.




Get High Quality Test Prep Help in GRE, GMAT SAT and Praxis subjects from our Academic Experts.


            Now let me ask you, is your money worth it? Be it in elementary school tutoring, high school tutoring and college tutoring, the tutors in Danbury, CT are the best to call for help. With the expertise of our tutors, you will surely get your money’s worth.Here is more! The tutor in Danbury CT, CT can also be your preparation companion in your review for the Praxis 1Praxis 2GRE TutorGMAT Tutor and the SAT exam. We know that being alone in your preparation will do no good, for it is still best to have someone to turn to when the things you encounter seems to be a blur. You are not to worry, since these tutor in New Canaan are of great competence when it comes to the enumerated examinations. All of the private tutors we have are certified and the most qualified you can find in town. No regrets when you hire one now!


Teacher Test Prep Help for Connecticut and NY Educators trying to get Certified!

        Yes in addition to preparing Greenwich students in academic subjects and test prep we also help educators gain competitive edge, by helping them get certified to teach for the state of CT or NY with our test preparation materials created by us and by other vendors that can help educators prepare for their rigorous teaching certification exam.  We prepare for tests like Praxis 2 Biology Test prep with Online BioBooster Course specifically designed to help educators prepare for their exam.  Obtaining teaching certification is not an easy, task let us help.  We help educators from around Westchester and Fairfield County prepare for their Praxis 2 or NY state teaching certification exam.




Advertisement Platform for Teachers and Subject Matter Experts  in Fairfield County CT and Westchest County NY

Purpose: Helps teachers and subject  matter experts, be advertised on a network of sites in effort to land student assignments.



2 Types of Teaching Advertisement Solutions Platforms Available.

Type 1.  Agency Comission Based Platform for Independent contractors partnering with Tutoring Services, LLC

Type 2.  Independent Based Platform for Independent Tutors who do not want to share comission with agency.


We have 1 website that follow Type 1 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website. (interconnected with entire network of local tutoring sites)

Purpose.  To provide exposure to subject matter experts under comission based model, where Tutoring Services, LLC charges comission fee from every tutor for advertising them in our platforms, with tons of free features designed to make tutoring match making experience more intuitive and user friendly.  Best option for Fairfield County and Westchester County Teachers/Subject Matter Experts

We have 2 websites that follow Type 2 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website 1.

Purpose: Allows tutors to create free tutoring profile, showing their hourly rate and qualifications where students can contact tutors for free and tutors can offer 1st tutoring session as "$15 Try Before You Buy Trial"  where students can contact subject matter experts free of charge, with expectation that they will receive 1st hour session free of charge where $15 would go towards Tutoring Services, LLC, administrative fee that we charge to offset our expenses and provide free advertisement service to tutors.  Our tutors can offer to students  in their profiles Free first Trial tutoring session , or $15 Trial or no Free Trial.

Website 2.

Purpose:  Allows teachers/educators/professors, instructors, lecturers and any other subject matter experts post their tutoring ads, where students can find such ads.  Great alternative to Craiglist and Free. Created by Tutoring Services, LLC for teachers on the budget, who do not want to pay anything for posting any ads.


Teaching Jobs available with Tutoring Services, LLC as local Tutor/Content Developer in CT or online

         In addition to hiring content developers, we also hiring teachers locally in Fairfield County to help us tutoring local students.  We have rigorous qualification requireiments, including background checks completed tutor profile, resume references, testimonials.  Our tutors who work for Tutoring Services, LLC are automatically advertised on our entire network of local tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairifeld County  and get highest priority placement in match making based on propriatory tutor rank algorithm. Our tutors benefit from working part time as local tutor and can also work with Tutoring Services, LLC in content development for their academic subject of expertise.  Tutors who do not work directly for Tutoring Services, LLC can work as independent tutors registered on our sister with premium profile option  site















Tutoring Services, LLC have their own network of educational sites that are designed to drive student traffic to tutor's profiles, where is a hub and other subject sites are spokes.  Example of our English Tutoring Spoke Site.


Our site provides functionality for tutors offering $15 trial to be advertised free of charge on our network of spoke subject sites.  In other words if you happen to be subject matter expert in both math and english, and want to be advertised on our spoke sites as well in addition to hub site then providing that you offer to students 1st $15 Tutoring Trial (where you offer your first trial to student free of charge), you will be automatically advertised on math and english spoke sites that we have available. If you do not offer $15 trial you will not be advertised on our network of subject spoke sites.


For tutors who do not want to pay any membership fees option!

Free Tutor Ads Website built by Tutoring Services, LLC for Students and Tutors


      We realize that tutors in Fairfield County CT and Westchester county NY may also be interested in simply posting an ad on a tutoring website listing their tutoring services free of charge.  Just like site was created to provide opportunity for independent tutors to register and be contacted by students, we also created additional site called Tutor-Ads.COM.  This site is simply designed for tutors to post their ads on our site and get students to contact such tutors.  Simple site absolutely FREE great help and resource for tutors and also good place for students looking for a tutor outside of the agency.  Students, note when dealing with students outside of the agency, please consider hiring tutors at your own risk.  Since such tutors are not verified by the agency and are not in anyway shape or form associated with Tutoring Services, LLC.  Hence take further precautions when hiring such tutors.



Top 5 Reasons for Parents to Use our Tutoring Services in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY as oppose to looking for one yourself!


  1. Majority of Tutors live in the New Haven area or New York and won’t travel to Fairfield County oWestchester outskirts of NY  for low hourly rate, unless they have a good reason to do so (especially if contacted by the parent directly). Our Agency specializes in New Haven,  Westchester and Fairfield county matchmaking and focuses on nearby NY/CT cities thereby giving reason for tutors to travel to cities like,  Danbury, Greenwich, Wilton,Westport, Norwalk,Stamford,Darien and other cities, and match making tutors with more than just one student, thereby giving incentive for Teachers and subject matter experts to travel to Fairfield and Westchester County while covering multiple clients and simultaneously offering lower hourly rate on tutoring sessions due to larger number of clients serviced.
  2. Our Tutors offer discount tutoring packages in Math, Science, Reading/Writing, SAT, TOEFL, ESL, making private lessons more affordable for parents. (In addition to already being more affordable due to the fact that we match make our teachers/subject matter experts with different clients in nearby New Haven/Westchester/Fairfield county NY/CT area).
  3. We thoroughly review our candidates prior to hiring one, to ensure that we provide high quality match, by reviewing, resume, references, qualifications getting tutor to register on our site, allowing parent to see multiple options online without having to search through multiple sites, or by simply contacting us and letting us help you over the phone! (As oppose to doing all that work yourself and spending countless of hours trying to find the right match)
  4. We are in Educational Vertical industry rather than horizontal, making it even easier for Parents to save money on their educational expenses. We offer Tutors jobs not only in academic subject, but in content development of academic subject Study Guides, something that other match making companies don’t offer, giving even more incentive for subject matter experts to work with us. (As oppose to other Agencies, who do nothing, but match make students with tutors, or plumbers with home owners and spread themselves out in multiple industries, thereby not offering high quality match making experience in a first place and only rising prices of tutoring rates higher than they really should be.)
  5.  We don’t charge outrageous Tutoring agency fees and have no Registration Fees, and in fact offer NY/CT teachers, and instructors to also register as independent tutor on our sister site and make money tutoring as both independent tutor working for themselves and independent contractor working for Tutoring Services, LLC, giving Teachers maximum flexibility in earning money. (As oppose to simply locking tutors into single business model system where they have, no choice but to work on outrageous tutoring agency commission fees for every hour tutored, and no option to enroll with any other agency.)

Tutoring Services, LLC is going Green helping Danbury CT, Bethel and Redding Students Save Money on College Books!!


         We realize that there are severa educational organizations in Danbury CT  We also realize that education should be affordable which is why Tutoring Services, LLC has created UsedCollegeBooks.NET to allow students in colleges/universities to sell their used books directly to each other avoiding the middle man, reusing old text books, helping us save trees and avoiding expensive college bookstore fees.  Education is already expensive as it is, why spend more money on books when you don't need to.

        Our website is designed not only for students to be able to buy and sell books directly from each other on college campus, but also to be able to buy, sell, rent books online from the cheapest book stores, avoiding having to wait in line in college/university bookstors and being able to buy the cheapest books for your college class in Stamford CT, regardless of what college/school/university you are attending.    Tutoring Services, LLC is not just here to sell parents a tutor, but rather provide parents options with affordable education for anyone living in the city of Danbury, or other nearby cities of Bethel or county of New Haven, Fairfield or other areas.

Most Recently Joined Tutors Near Danbury,CT